Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course introduction

    • Introduction

    • About me: A testimony of a miraculous God

    • A prophetic journey through the history of generations

    • Course introduction (PDF)

  • 2

    Level 1 - Biblical foundation" - The prophetic on instruments

    • Theological foundation part 1: To prophesy with instruments

    • Theological foundation part 2: Can instruments be used in church?

    • Level 1 Theological foundation (PDF)

    • My Journey: A journey into the prophetic on drums

    • Level 1 My journey (PDF)

    • Activation exercise: Seeking God's heart

    • Reflection exercise: Becoming a prophetic worship musician/singer

  • 3

    Level 2 - "Worship on earth as it is in heaven"

    • Theological foundation Part 1: Worship in the book of Revelation

    • Theological foundation Part 2: The worship in the Tabernacle of David

    • Level 2 Theological foundation (PDF)

    • My journey: The anointing of the Holy Spirit

    • Level 2 My journey (PDF)

    • Activation exercise: A study of heavenly worship

    • Reflection exercise: Is our worship reflecting the worship in heaven?

    • "Hosanna to the King" (Full song)

    • "Hosanna to the King" (Lyrics and chords)

  • 4

    Level 3 - "Shifting atmospheres with worship"

    • Theological foundation Part 1: The power of worship

    • Theological foundation Part 2: Intensions matter - Understand your authority and the authority of the drums

    • Level 3 Theological foundation (PDF)

    • My journey: The name above all names

    • Level 3 My journey (PDF)

    • Activation exercise: Changing and influencing atmospheres

    • Reflection exercise: Aligning with heaven to change atmospheres

  • 5

    Level 4 - "Worship, sound and science"

    • Theological foundation Part 1: The "God" vibration

    • Theological foundation Part 2: All creation is singing

    • Level 4 Theological foundation (PDF)

    • My journey: The power of the drums in Jerusalem

    • Level 4 My journey (PDF)

    • Activation exercise: Finding your sound

    • Reflection exercise: Impacting the physical surroundings with sound

    • "Psalm 98" (Full song)

    • "Psalm 98" (Lyrics in English)

    • "Psalm 98" Chords (lyrics in Norwegian)

  • 6

    Level 5 - "Redeeming sounds and instruments"

    • Theological foundation: Releasing the sound of heaven through the nations

    • Level 5 Theological foundation (PDF)

    • My journey Part 1: Releasing the sound of heaven - The sound of the shaking tree

    • My journey Part 2: Digging up the old wells and restoring the ancient ruins

    • Level 5 My journey Part 1 (PDF)

    • Level 5 My journey Part 2 (PDF)

    • Activation exercise: Develop your prophetic playing

    • Reflection exercise: The sound of your nation

    • "Se jeg gjør noe nytt" (Full song)

    • "Se jeg gjør noe nytt" (Lyrics and chords)

  • 7

    Level 6 - "Worship changes everything"

    • Level 6 Introduction

    • Theological foundation Part 1: The power of the word of God

    • Theological foundation Part 2: The power of our words and thoughts

    • Theological foundation Part 3: Worship in the valley

    • Level 6 Theological foundation (PDF)

    • Level 6 My journey: "Drums and intercession"

    • Level 6 My journey (PDF)

    • Character matters - The importance of discipleship

    • Character matters - The importance of discipleship (PDF)

    • Activation exercise: Singing the scriptures

    • Reflection exercise: Worship in the valley

    • "King of creation" (Full song)

    • "King of creation" (Lyrics and chords)

  • 8

    Bonus lessons: Playing prophetically - Aligning with heaven to release God's kingdom on earth

    • Playing prophetically Part 1 - The theological aspects

    • Playing prophetically Part 2 - The practical aspects

    • Playing prophetically Part 3 - Developing your "sound and signature"

    • Bonus lessons: Playing prophetically (PDF)

    • Bonus lesson: A conversation with a worship leader

  • 9

    Course conclusion

    • Course conclusion: A journey through time

    • Course conclusion (PDF)


Worship Drummer

Anne-Linda Bratsberg Thorsen

Anne-Linda is a worship drummer from Norway, travelling all over the nation and also internationally as a freelance worship drummer. She is also the drummer in the worship band “Connected”. She teaches about prophetic worship in Bible schools, Disciple training schools, churches and houses of Prayer, and is also part of the coaching team in Bergen school of worship. Together with her husband she is a part of developing a house of prayer in Bergen where she lives. Anne-Linda has a degree in music and theology and a bachelor degree as a child welfare educator. For several years she worked as a deacon in church and she is still a part of the local Methodist church in Bergen where she was employed before she became a full time worship drummer. She longs to see the people of God open their eyes to the prophetic dimension in worship and to see the church reach its full potential, breaking through and releasing God’s will on earth! That’s why she loves to teach about worship, to mentor, equip and disciple teenagers and young adults to take their place as modern day Levites who will usher in God’s kingdom on earth with their worship! One of her callings is to connect with and build relationships between leaders and worshipers in different churches, Christian organizations and Houses of prayers, for the purpose of standing together in unity, working together as one body in Christ. Anne-Linda is the author and instructor of the courses “Worship & prophetic drumming", "Biblical foundation for the prophetic on instruments and "Drum exercises for the prophetic drummer.”

Course description

Can you hear the sound of heaven? To worship with instruments is about creating and releasing sound. Sounds that impacts heaven and earth, coming from the hearts of worshipers who long to be aligned with heaven to release God’s will on earth. 

This course is about worship and the prophetic on instruments and it is a part of the main course "Worship & prophetic drumming". Although the focus is on the drums as the main instrument in this course, all of this can be transferred on to other instruments and singing as well. That's why we have made this smaller pack which contains the theological topics only. You will therefore benefit a lot from this course even if you are not a drummer.  

This course contains 6 levels (or chapters) and through 26 video teachings and PDF’s you will be learning more about the prophetic dimension in worship and how you can release the sound of heaven and change atmospheres through your playing and singing. Do you want to know more about what Scripture says about instruments? Do you want to grow as a prophetic worshiper? Do you want to learn more about what worship in heaven looks like, the power of worship, the importance of the ethnic instruments and sounds and how worship, sound and science are connected? 

These and many other topics are covered in this course. It will take you through a journey into the prophetic, also exploring how the history of generations is affecting us today. The prophetic is not only about the future, it is also connected to the past (Ec. 3:15). The sound of old reverberates through time from the worship and prayers of our ancestors, and their actions are still affecting us today for good and bad. (Rev. 7:8) Digging up the old wells of revival and tearing down spiritual strongholds through the ministry of reconciliation is also an important part of our prophetic ministry as worshipers and disciples of Jesus as we will explore further.