Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Worshipers Rising PDF book download

    • Welcome to Worshipers Rising course!

    • A vision of worship & Norway

    • Norway song lyric video

  • 2

    1: What is worship?

    • The Value

    • The Need For Revelation

    • The Cost

    • Tools Of Worship

    • Note to Worship Leaders & Worship Teams

    • Reflect & Discuss

    • Activations

  • 3

    2: Identity

    • The Importance of Identity

    • Image-bearer

    • Priests & Prophets

    • Children

    • The Bride

    • The Battle For Our Worship

    • Reflect & Discuss

    • Activation

  • 4

    3: Truth

    • Worship in Truth

    • Feelings

    • The Heart Language

    • The Heart Song

    • Reflect & Discuss

    • Activation

    • Note to Worship Leaders & Worship Teams

  • 5

    4: Spirit

    • God is Spirit

    • God is singing

    • Obedience to the Spirit

    • Singing in the Spirit

    • Reflect & Discuss

    • Activations

  • 6

    5: Worship looks like something

    • Worship Looks Like Something

    • Our Triune Being

    • Reflect & Discuss

    • Activation

    • Note to Worship Teams

  • 7

    6: Biblical Expressions

    • Biblical Expressions

    • Shabach

    • Zamar

    • Towdah

    • Tehilla

    • Barak

    • Yadah

    • Halal

    • Note to Worship Leaders & Teams

    • Reflect & Discuss

    • Activation

  • 8

    7: Personalities

    • Personalities

    • The Thinker

    • The Feeler

    • Maturing together

    • Reflect & Discuss

    • Activation

    • Note to Worship Leaders and teams

  • 9

    8: Culture

    • God´s Value For Diversity

    • Cultural Blessings & Hindrances

    • The Obstacle Of Fear Of Man

    • Cultural Identity

    • Reflect & Discuss

  • 10

    9: Sound

    • Cultural Sound

    • Redeeming Sounds

    • The Emerging Culture

    • Note to Worship Leaders & Teams

    • Reflect & Discuss

  • 11


    • Closing Words

    • Let's Stay Connected!

About the course

This course includes the PDF ebook "Worshipers Rising" and 9 weeks of: teaching videos, reflection & discussion questions and activations. Perfect for discipling your church in worship! Take your small groups, worship teams, or church congregation  through this course and book  to strengthen and build a strong worship culture around you!  

"There is a sound in the spirit longing to be released by hungry, raw worshipers, that is for such a time as this. It is a sound that is not just words and music, but rather a groan that comes from deep within us that causes the earth and its people to realign with our Heavenly Father. To worship in ‘spirit and in truth’ is not just a hopeful ideal, it is a must if we want to see His kingdom come on earth.

In this book Mary Elizabeth unpacks the power of authentic worship in simple yet profound ways. Her impact not only in Europe but the nations is because she lives the truths within this book. If you want to learn how to release worship that transforms hearts and impacts nations, learn from someone who does it themselves! Mary Elizabeth doesn’t just teach it, she lives it. If you are wanting to understand the power of worship and how to release the fragrance of Heaven in your communities, this book is for you!" - Roma Waterman, Melbourne, Australia

Mary Elizabeth shares testimonies and biblical truths to help worshipers go deeper in their understanding of true worship while valuing the uniqueness and diversity of each nation, culture, and personality expression. In this book you will find extra tools for worship leaders along with discussion questions and reflections to help you build and strengthen the worship culture around you.

In this book you will find how to:

  • Partner with the unique calling of worship in your nation
  • Respond in obedience to the Holy Spirit and God´s word in worship
  • Be authentic in expressing your personality type, culture, and sound in worship
  • Break out of the wrong mindsets and hindrances that hold you back in worship
  • Live out your identity as a true worshiper

"I have known Mary for over ten years and she lives what she writes. I highly recommend this book if you want a deeper understanding of God´s heart and your true identity as a worshiper."- Paul Baloche, songwriter and founder of


Disciples of Worship Founder

Mary Elizabeth Kolsrud

Mary Elizabeth Kolsrud is a songwriter, worship pastor, trainer, best-selling author and founder of Disciples of Worship. Author of books: Ekte og Ærlig Tilbedelse & Worshipers Rising. Leader of Bergen Lovsangsskole (Bergen Worship School). Scandinavian regional director for Sounds of the Nations. Mary Elizabeth has a bachelor degree of Worship Ministry and serves as the music director at her local church, Norkirken Sandefjord. She is an American & Norwegian woman and is married to a Norwegian, Ole Martin, and together have two children. Mary Elizabeth is passionate about training worshipers in the nations to see them rise up in their unique sound and identity in worship. She loves to collaborate & build networks between churches and worshipers around the world.